Samsung SE-T084L DVD Writer

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Samsung SE-T084L DVD Writer

USB 2.0 interface support
Slot-in loading type
Writing DVD+R 8X, DVD-R 8X
Writing DVD+R dual layer 8X, DVD-R dual layer 4X
Disc labeling: LightScribe

support disc burning from USB BUS power
No AC adaptor needed both for reading and writing.

manual disc eject function
Easy disc eject without power supply.

tilt actuator compensation technology
Gives an accurate tilt in the objective lens to compensate the disc twist.

buffer under run free technology
Prevents buffer under run error and enables speed writing.

12cm and 8cm disc support
8cm and 12cm standard round type disc.

WriteMaster™ technology

double O.P.C.(Double Optimum Power
Optimizing the laser power for the most reliable writing in DVD+R.

firmware live update
Automatically informs the latest firmware by just accessing to internet.