Samsung SH-D163A DVD-ROM

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Samsung SH-D163A DVD-ROM

e-co product
SAMSUNG develops technologies to design e-co products, excluding harmful materials to human body, such as Pb, Cd, Cr+6, Hg, PBBs and PBDE for the protection of human health and the environment.

CD multi-read
Supports all CD formats reading and writing.

magic speed
- Users can choose between maximum speed mode and low noise mode for the best PC environment.
- Low noise mode minimize a disc damage and reduce noise created while playing in high speed so gives stable PC environment.
- Also provide maximum speed by simple setting up.

Automatic ball Balancing System
- When rotation speed is raised sufficiently, the ball moves to the opposite direction of the center of mass and compensates the mass imbalance of the disc.
- By loading an ABS device onto the turntable of a disc drive, the vibrations and noise at high speeds reduces.