Sony CRX230AE/U Internal 52X CD-RW Drive

Sony Updated: 2007-09-26
Sony CRX230AE/U Internal 52X CD-RW Drive

Store, transfer and back up your files with the CRX230AE/U internal 52X CD-RW drive. Fast 52X/32X/52X maximum performance is just the start. Easily replaceable black faceplate and short form factor design allow easy fit and customization. Award winning Nero™ software suite rounds out this package.

Product Specifications
Disc Capacity: 700MB
Interfaces: ATAPI/EIDE
Loading Mechanism: Motorized Tray
Media & Modes Supported: CD: CD-DA, CD-ROM (XA), CD Extra, Video CD, Photo CD1, CD Text, multi-session
Mount Design: Horizontal, Vertical
Sustained Transfer Rate: 7.6MB/s (52x CD-ROM)
Burst Transfer Rate: 33.3MB/s Ultra DMA
Average Access Time: 100ms
Buffer Protection: PowerBurn™ conformed
Power Requirements: +5V/+12V
Power Consumption: 1.5A max (+5V DC), 1.5A max (+12V DC)
Limited Warranty: 1 year Limited Warranty
Buffer Memory: 1.5MB
CD Read: 52x
CD-R Write: 12x (16x max with CLV), 24x-32x (with P-CAV), 40x-52x (with CAV)
CD-RW Write: 4x (10x, 12x with CLV), 16x-32x (with Z-CLV)
Hard Drive: 1GB
Operating System: Windows® 98SE, Windows® Millennium Edition, Windows® 2000, or Windows® XP Home or Professional Operating Systems
Processor: Pentium® II 400MHz or faster (or equivalent) CPU minimum