Sony DRX-S70U Multi-Format DVD Burner

Sony Updated: 2007-09-26
Sony DRX-S70U Multi-Format DVD Burner

Looking for an external DVD burner that won't take up lots of space, supports all DVD and CD formats and looks great doing it? Look no further, the small-footprint DRX-S70U is all that and more. It records standard 4.7GB DVD+R/+RW, 8.5GB DVD+R Double/Dual Layer, DVD-RAM, and CD-R/RW discs. Whether you have a desktop PC or a laptop, the DRX-S70U's sleek black design looks great and takes up minimal space on your desk or in your computer bag. The DRX-S70U sports a high-speed USB 2.0 interface for fast and easy connection your Windows® Vista/XP/2000 PC and comes with an unbeatable Nero® 7 software suite.

Product Specifications
Disc Capacity: 8.5GB/4.7GB
Interfaces: USB 2.0
Loading Mechanism: Manual Tray
Media & Modes Supported: DVD-R/-R DL/-RW, DVD+R/DVD+R DL/+RW DVD-RAM: DVD-ROM, DVD-Video CD: CD-DA, CD-ROM (XA), CD Extra, Video CD, Photo CD1, CD Text, multi-session
Mount Design: Horizontal
Sustained Transfer Rate: 10.5MB/s (8x DVD-ROM)
Burst Transfer Rate: 480MB/s
Average Access Time: 180ms (DVD), 150ms (CD)
Power Requirements: +5V
Power Consumption: 2.0A max (+5V DC)
Limited Warranty: 1 year Limited Warranty
Buffer Memory: 2MB
USB Port(s): 1 (2.0)
CD Read: 24X
CD-R Write: 24x CAV, 24x ZCLV, 16x ZCLV, 8x CLV2
CD-RW Write: 24x ZCLV2, 20x ZCLV2, 10x ZCLV1, 4x CLV
DVD Read: 8x
DVD+R DL Write: 4x ZCLV, 2.4x CLV3
DVD+R Write: 8x CAV2, 8x ZCLV2, 6x ZCLV2, 4x ZCLV1, 2.4x CLV
DVD-R Write: 2x (CLV), 4x (6x Z-CLV), 8x CLV max2
DVD+RW Write: 8x ZCLV2, 6x ZCLV2, 4x ZCLV1, 2.4x CLV
DVD-R DL Write: 4x ZCLV, 2x CLV3
DVD-RAM Write: 5x ZCLV, 3x CLV, 2x CLV2
DVD-RW Write: 6x ZCLV3, 4x ZCLV2, 2x CLV1, 1x CLV
Hard Drive: 1GB (hard disk minimum), 10GB (DVD video creation)
Operating System: Windows® Vista, Windows XP Home or Professional (SP2) Operating Systems or Windows® 2000 (SP4) Operating Systems
RAM: 256MB
Processor: Pentium® III 800MHz or faster (or equivalent) CPU minimum. Pentinum IV 2.0GHz or faster (or equivalent) CPU is recommended for real-time video authoring/editing.