Xerox D1011BD Disc Duplicator

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Xerox D1011BD Disc Duplicator

Duplication speed
CD: 3 minutes for 700MB capacity at 40x speed
DVD: 7 minutes for 4.7GB capacity at 16x speed
Blu-ray: 25 minutes for 25GB capacity at 6x speed

Connectivity: USB 2.0
Standard HDD size: 500GB

Copies per hour
CD: 99 based on 350MB capacity at 40x speed
DVD: 66 based on 2.5GB capacity at 16x speed
Blu-ray: 44 based on 12.5GB capacity at 6x speed

Quick Facts

* Complete standalone operation (no PC required to operate)
* Equipped with 1 hard drive & 11 CD/DVD/Blu-ray writer drives
* Able to duplicate Blu-ray and all common DVD formats including Single Layer DVD±R/RW and Double/Dual Layer DVD±R formats
* Supports all common CD formats including Video CD, CD-TEXT, ISRC, Over-Burned CD (90 min/99min)
* The text on the LCD screen can be displayed in English, Spanish, French and more (Chinese and Arabic are avaliable upon request)

Competitive Edge

* Transfer files from a PC direct to the duplicator's hard drive (HDD): Connect the duplicator to a PC by USB connection and transfer the file that needs to be duplicated directly to the duplicator's internal HDD. No longer need to burn a master disc to initiate the duplication process.
* Improved Load and Copy supported: Improved "Load and Copy" transfers the data from the master disc to the internal HDD while simultaneously copying that data disc to disc on the first run. All subsequent runs are copied through the HDD.
* Dynamic hard drive partitioning: The HDD partitions are created with flexible partitions that can be used to match the size of the project being stored. This process saves space and allows for more projects to be stored on the HDD.
* Hard drive partition/image name Editing: Able to name the images/data stored on the hard drive partitions.
* Drive firmware upgradeability: Capable of upgrading the drive's firmware through the duplicator.
* Account management (password protection): This function will authorize only specific user(s) to operate the duplicator with their preferred settings. Able to assign numerous passwords for multiple users.
* Creates mix compilation audio CD: Able to compile multiple tracks onto a single disc from multiple sources.

Performance Features

* Auto-Counter technology: Displays the total number of discs successfully copied compared to desired output for each project.
* Auto DVD format conversion: Can convert media between DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW automatically.
* Aluminum case provides a highly functional and attractive exterior: Duplicator casing available in metallic silver.
* Power-on self diagnostics: Keeps the duplicator functioning optimally.
* Disc info feature: Provides the format of the disc & the disc manufacturer's information.
* Selectable CD, DVD, & Blu-ray burning speeds: Ability to increase or decrease duplication speed for supported formats.
* Upgradeable for future drive technology: Able to upgrade duplicator for installation of future drives.
* Future functions upgradeable through firmware: Duplicator able to upgrade future software updates via firmware.

Ease-of-use features

* AutoCopy feature: Fast duplication without pressing any buttons.
* Fast key support: 4 fast keys for faster operations.
* User friendly interface with 'easy-to-read' LCD display: Offers easy to recognize and use terms and operations on the LCD display for simple usage.
* Supports both Disk-at-Once and Track-at-Once modes
* Automatic format recognition: Duplicator recognizes automatically if the discs are CD, DVD, or Blu-ray as well as the correct format to copy.
* Continuous copying without waiting for cool down: No need to stop the duplicator for fear of overheating.