Pioneer TD-2001 TAD Driver

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Pioneer TD-2001 TAD Driver

The TD-2001 is designed to an exceptionally wide frequency range of 500 to 22,000Hz, high efficiency and high dependability.

A pure beryllium diaphragm is employed in the TD-2001. This diaphragm ensures rapid sound wave transmission, extremely flat frequency response, little cone breakup, excellent transient response and high sound image definition. Deformation is prevented by a surround formed of a special high-polymer compound. It also effectively prevents fatigue and rupture caused by an excessive input level.

For the voice coil, the TD-2001 employs edgewise-wound aluminum ribbon wire, insulated in alumite film. This design provides an exceptionally high acoustic conversion efficiency. It is wound on a bobbin formed from a high-polymer compound having ideal heat resistance up to 752F (400C)

The magnetic circuit includes a 2.2 lb. (1kg) alnico magnet for a total magnetic flux of 68,500Mx. The center pole is capped by a ring of pure silver to prevent an increase in impedance (and resultant distortion) at high frequencies.

A rear-compression mounting system is employed for the diaphragm and voice coil assembly. This assures enhanced clarity, for rear compression neatly avoids the resonance generated at the edge of the diaphragm. It also improves the phase uniformity of all frequencies, particularly highs, since they are emitted from virtually all points on the diaphragm. A phasing plug serves to eliminate phase disturbances at the throat region, for virtually flat frequency response.


Voice coil impedance: 8 ohms.
Voice coil diameter: 1-7/8 inches/48mm.
Equalizing system: 3-slit type.
Frequency range: 500 - 22,000Hz.
Maximum input power: 30 watts (800Hz, -12dB/oct.).
Sound pressure level: 109dB/W (1m).
Crossover frequency: over 800Hz (-12dB/oct.).
Total magnetic flux: 68,500 maxwells.
Magnetic flux density: 18,000 gauss.
Hole size for throat connection: 1 inch/25.4mm.
Mounting dimensions: 3 inches/76.2mm (for 2 holes), 2-1/4 inches/57.2mm (for 3 holes).
Weight: 14 lbs. 2 oz./6.4kg.
Outer dimensions (diameter x depth): 5-9/16 x 4-3/16 inches/l41 x 107mm.

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