Toshiba AS1 Low Voltage Standard Duty Integrator Drive

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-17

The AS1 Adjustable Speed Drive builds on Toshiba’s history of supplying powerful, reliable and versatile drives. The modular construction of the AS1 allows the unit to be installed into nearly any application quickly and easily. The drive can operate with little or no programming. At the same time, the AS1 maintains one of the most expansive parameter sets in the industry. Its sealed cabinet design, new PID algorithm and motor-over-flux-braking technology make this drive adept to handle the most difficult applications. The AS1’s advanced features and new technologies make it the new contender in the PWM control drive market.

AS1 Standard Specifications
Power Supply  Voltage/Frequency  230 V Class: 3-phase 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 460 V Class: 3-phase 380 to 480 V, 50/60 Hz
Tolerance  Voltage +10%, -15% (±10% during continuous 100% load) Frequency ±5%
Rated Output Voltage  230 V Class: 3-phase 200-240 V, 460 V Class: 3-phase 380 to 480 V (Maximum output voltage is limited by maximum input voltage.)
Output Frequency Range  0.01-500 Hz (default setting 0.01-80 Hz)
Overload Current Rating  150% for 60 seconds, 165% for 2 seconds
Dynamic Braking Circuit  1/2-250 HP: Built-in IGBT 7, 300 HP and up: External Option
Dynamic Braking Resistor  External Option
Main Functions  Easy-Mode Parameter Setup, Learning Function, Programmable I/O Terminal Block, Multi-pid Control, Hoisting Function, Brake Sequence Function, My Functions
Ambient Temperature/Relative Humidity  -10-60°C (derate above 50°C), 0-95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Protection  230 V Class 0.5 to 60 HP, 460 V Class 1-100 HP: NEMA 1(IP20), 230 V Class 75 HP and above, 460 V Class 125 HP & Above: Open Chassis Unit (IP00)
Cooling Method  Forced Air Cooling
Built-in Filter  230 V, 0.5-2 HP, 460 V 1-5 HP: Built-in EMI noise filter (EN55011 Class A, EN61800-3 category 2 compliant)
230 V, 3-10 HP, 460 V 7.5-350 HP: Built-in EMI noise filter (EN5501 Class A, EN61800-3 category 3 compliant)
230 V, 15-60 HP Basic Noise Filter
Built-in DC Link Reactor  230 V, 11-45 kW, 460 V 18.5-75 KW: Built-in DC Reactor
230 V, 55-75 kW, 460 V 90-220 KW: Attached DC Reactor