Toshiba W7 Low Voltage Variable Torque Water/Wastewater Drive

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-17
Toshiba W7 Low Voltage Variable Torque Water/Wastewater Drive

The W7 Adjustable Frequency Drive is an 18 Pulse drive designed for Water & Wastewater applications, and for any centrifugal application where harmonics are of concern. The phase-shifting transformer is integral to the enclosure, yet the overall footprint is small.

The W7 features vector control, RS485/RS232 ports and a wide selection of communication options. Ground fault protection and motor/drive overcurrent protection are standard features.

The advanced Electronic Operator Interface features a backlit graphical LCD screen, user-friendly menu-driven programming, and a built-in encoder for programming and speed control.

W7 Standard Specifications
Voltage Class  460V
Maximum HP  60 75 100 125 150 200 250 300 400 500 600 700 800
Drive Rating (A)  77 96 124 156  190  240 302 370 480  628 753 879 1004
Dimensions  100"H x 30"W x 24"D  100"H x 42"W x 24"D  Consult Factory

Power Requirements
Output Frequency  0 - 400 Hz
Main Circuit  Three Phase 460V input auto-transformer 18 pulse design with circuit breaker, IGBT output.
Control Power  DC bus control power
Tolerance  Voltage: +/-10% Frequency: +/-2%

Control Specifications
Control Method  Sine Wave PWM System - Flux Field Current Vector Control
V/Hz Control  Constant Torque, Variable Torque, Open Loop Vector, Auto or Manual Torque Boost, 5 point V/Hz custom curves
Overload Rating  120% for 60 seconds, 100% continuous.
Frequency Setting  Encoder Potentiometer integrated into EOI, 0-10V, +/-10V, 4-20mA, Binary Input, Motorized Potentiometer Input
Frequency Precision  Analog Input: +/-0.2% of maximum output frequency. Digital Input: +/-0.01% of maximum output frequency
Frequency Resolution  0.01 Hz - Operation Panel. 0.1 Hz - Analog Input. 10-12 bit A-D converter
Acceleration./Deceleration 0.1~6000 seconds
Speed Regulation  Up to 0.1%, 60:1 speed range
Torque Regulation  10%; less than 3% ripple from 50 to 100% range
Set Point Control (PID)  Proportional Gain, Integral Gain, Feedback Settings Upper/Lower Deviation Limits, Feedback Source Delay Filter, Feedback Settings Differential Gain
Analog Inputs  Four programmable: (1) 4-20mA, (1) 0-10V, (1) -10 to +10V, (1) 1 to 10kOHM potentiometer connection
Analog Outputs  Two programmable to 31 functions
Digital Inputs  Eight programmable to 67 functions
Output Contacts  Three output terminals, programmable to 52 functions. Form C contacts rated 250V AC, 2 amps inductive
Signal Isolation  Available (3) channel signal isolation for AM/FM outputs and II terminal input, rated at 750V
Control Board Communication Ports  RS232 / 485 TTL Ports standard
Data Transmission  Profibus, Devicenet, Modbus RTU, Modbus+, Metysys, TCP/IP Ethernet. (Some devices are external)
Main Protective Functions Current limit, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtorque, load side short circuit, load side ground fault, heatsink overheat, ASD overload, motor overload, armature short, CPU error, open output phase, communications error, loss of feedback
Soft Stall  Automatic load reduction control during overload
Retry  Can automatically clear fault upon trip. Programmable to 10 tries, with up to 10 seconds between tries.
Restart  Restart into a rotating motor

LCD EOI (Liquid Crystal) Display / Electronic Operator Interface  4 lines x 20 characters. Backlit LCD Display. Ability to display multiple parameters on one screen. Keypad may be operated from an external power source. Software is flash upgradeable. Includes multi-function rotary encoder.
LED Indications  Run (Red) / Stop (Green), Remote / Local (Green), DC bus charge indication (red)
Keys  Local /Remote, Monitor / Program, Run, Enter, ESC, Stop / Reset, Up, Down
Monitoring  Main display shows two monitored items continuously, or scrolls up to 40 items.
Selectable Display Units  User selectable and configurable, along with scaling factor multiplier. Voltage display selectable: Amps or %. Current display selectable: Amps or %.
EOI Communication Ports  RS232/485 and TTL Ports Standard
Remote Mount Display  Remote mountable up to 1000'
Enclosure  NEMA 1, IP20, Gasketed and Filtered
Panel Construction  Free standing, front maintenance type, top or bottom access for motor and power cables
Cooling  Forced air cooled. Top-mounted fans may be removed for movement during shipment or installation.
Color  ANSI-61 Gray

Ambient Conditions
Ambient Temperature  0 - 40°C, 32 - 104°F
Humidity  Max. 95% (non-condensing)
Altitude  1000 m (3300 ft) above sea level or less
Installation  Indoor, No direct sunlight, protect for corrosive gases, explosive gases

Electrical Performance NEC, ANSI