Olympus CLV-160 Evis Exera Light Source

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus CLV-160 Evis Exera Light Source

With its improved condenser lens design and powerful 300W xenon lamp, the EVIS EXERATM 160 Series' dedicated light source, the CLV-160, is able to generate 30% more light intensity than its predecessor, the CLV-U40. This new design and power assures clear, accurate observation even of distant points. When combined with the CV-160 video system center, the CLV-160 provides a system that is a full 80mm narrower and 35% smaller than previous Olympus models, allowing for the entire system to be installed on a dedicated cart together with a video monitor and other ancillary equipment.

* Powerful 300W xenon lamp for Olympus color CCD videoscope system
* New and improved condenser design helps achieve nearly 1.3x as much light intensity as the CLV-U40
* User-friendly front panel design
* Illumination capability to cover even more distant points assures sufficient brightness when retroflexing the scope tip, observing the lower esophagus, and more
* Improvement in light adjustment levels helps maintain appropriate brightness even when observing at extremely close range or observing the gastric angulus
* 35% reduction in overall size compared to its predecessor, with width reduced by a full 80mm, saving space in your endoscopy suite
* Simple membrane switches and clear indicators on the front panel for improved operability
* Compatible with conventional Olympus color CCD videoscopes and fiberscopes
* Electronic lamp light indicator