Olympus ENF-VT2 Therapeutic Video Rhinolaryngoscope

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Olympus ENF-VT2 Therapeutic Video Rhinolaryngoscope


* High quality imaging facilitates detailed image for diagnosis

* 2mm viewing distance for close-up observation of tissue

* 2mm instrument channel for multiple treatment options

* NBI compatible for enhanced observation of the mucosa

The ENF-VT2 Therapeutic Video Rhinolaryngoscope provides otolaryngologists with a 2.0mm working channel for in-office therapeutic procedure. The ENF-VT2 also has the latest innovations to perform endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of multiple disorders within the nasal passages and the throat. These innovations include a distally mounted video chip that produces high-resolution images, which aid physicians in diagnosing and treating patients. The addition of Narrow Band Imaging™ (NBI) introduces new clinical possibilities by providing improved enhanced visualization of the surface structure and fine capillary patterns of the mucous membranes, which are normally difficult to distinguish.

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