Olympus EZ Shot Disposable NA-200H-8022 Original Reusable NA-10J-1 Power Shot NA-11J-KB

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus EZ Shot Disposable NA-200H-8022 Original Reusable NA-10J-1 Power Shot NA-11J-KB

The NA-200H-8022, or EZ-Shot, is a single-use, disposable fine-needle aspiration (FNA) needle designed specifically for use with Olympus curvilinear array (CLA) echoendoscopes. The EZ-Shot FNA needle fits securely on the biopsy port providing physicians with the fine needle control required. The EZ-Shot also features a dimpled tip design for excellent needle visibility to perform safe EUS-guided FNA procedures, and comes pre-sterilized, pre-assembled, and ready to use when you’re ready. Included with the EZ-shot needle system is a sterilized, self-locking, three-stage syringe.

Also available from Olympus are the PowerShot, or NA-11J-KB, and NA-10J-1, the original Olympus FNA needle system. Each of these FNA needles is designed with a reusable handle and feature an adjustable length, stainless steel sheath to protect the scope channel from punctures and stabilize the needle as it is advanced to its target. Both the PowerShot and NA-10J-1 can be manually operated for more precise targeting. The PowerShot also incorporates an automatic spring-loaded design so the physician can choose between manual, automatic, or manual and automatic (both during the same needle pass) mode during the procedure. In automatic mode, the depth (or stroke) of the needle’s puncture can be set and locked prior to release.


* Needle, handle and sheath are pre-assembled and pre-sterilized
* Convenient single-use design
* Everything you need in one package, including a 20cc variable vacuum-locking syringe and stopcock
* Outstanding puncture capability with sharp “multi-beveled” stylet located within the needle
* Adjustable needle projection (0-8cm)
* Excellent needle tip visibility
* Specifically designed for complete compatibility with all Olympus curvilinear array gastroscopes
* Secure connection to biopsy port, ensuring proper length without the use of “spacers”
* Designed for EUS-guided FNA


* Unique tip needle design with Echo enhanced needle design and sharp style
* Completely secure connection to the scope’s biopsy port
* Total needle stroke of 90mm
* Adjustable automatic needle stroke
* Safety lock mechanism
* Blue Luer Lock Connector and Blue Lock Knob for improved safety


* Maximum stability and control is provided by the handle’s locking mechanism
* Independently adjustable sheath reduces needle’s lateral movement for accurate targeting
* The needle tip is dimpled to increase echogenicity and can be advanced up to 65mm
* The needles and stylet are supplied sterile and intended for a single-use for consistent sharpness, safety and convenience while the sheaths and handles are reusable and autoclavable for greatest efficiency