Olympus Endo Capsule Endoscope

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Olympus Endo Capsule Endoscope


Imaging Technology
Owing to the sophisticated CCD, white LED lighting and Olympus lens technology, a clear and bright field of view is displayed for observation of a variety of small bowel abnormalities.

Power Supply Technology
Energy-saving technology: the implementation of original low-energy consumption for image processing and transmission modules maintains battery life for 8 continuous hours.

Wireless Transmission Technology
A built-in antenna transmits two images per second to the advanced Recorder Unit via the Antenna Lead Set.

In line with our policy for patient care, Olympus utilizes a variety of technologies to maintain patient safety with the Endo Capsule EC-1.

Innovations from a proven leader in the field of endoscopy culminate in the latest capsule endoscopes.

Gastroenterologists can now enjoy the operational ease and efficiency of our capsule endoscopes for the minimally invasive observation of small bowel abnormalities.

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