Olympus EndoEYE Flexible Video Rhinolaryngoscope ENF-V

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus EndoEYE Flexible Video Rhinolaryngoscope ENF-V

The ENF-V represents a new standard in flexible rhinolaryngoscopy. By utilizing a high-resolution, simultaneous-multicolor CCD at the distal tip, the ENF-V provides outstanding image quality with color-consistent, moiré-free images. This miniaturized CCD, along with the videoscope's ergonomic design, makes the ENF-V small enough for a complete examination of the nasal and nasopharyngeal lumens. This design also allows for better and more comfortable handling than previous Olympus models, and features customizable controls to quickly activate frequently-used functions. And because it's fully-compatible with VISERATM, the ENF-V provides a dynamic, high-quality solution for all your imaging needs.

* Digital imaging via a CCD at the scope tip produces clear and vivid images
* Miniaturized Color CCD provides consistent color reproduction without separation for improved observation
* Four switches on the control section can be customized for quick activation of frequently used functions
* Ergonomic design provides increased maneuverability and reduced hand fatigue
* Wide field of view and angulation range makes orientation and maneuverability within the nasal and nasopharyngeal lumens easier than with previous Olympus models
* VISERA video system allows for digital recording of still and moving images for documentation and management purposes

Standard Set

* ETO Venting Cap (MB-156)
* Instruction Manual
* Case