Olympus GF-UC140P-AL5 and GF-UCT140-AL5 Gastrovideoscopes

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus GF-UC140P-AL5 and GF-UCT140-AL5 Gastrovideoscopes

The new Olympus GF-UC140P-AL5 and GF-UCT140-AL5 gastrovideoscopes help you take full advantage of EUS-Guided FNA for more accurate tissue acquisition of the digestive tract and surrounding organs.

Each offers impressive insertability and high-quality imaging. The GF-UCT140-AL5 boasts a large 3.7mm diameter channel to allow a greater variety of equipment to be used when performing advanced EUS techniques and new therapeutic applications. Both include a remarkably compact transducer, providing a full 180-degree wide ultrasound scan angle for a greater field of view than the competition. And Olympus’ patented forceps elevator design allows for more accurate needle placement. Together, they combine to give physicians an advanced, system for any and all EUS-Guided applications.

* Incorporates the EVIS series CCD and a broadband Convex Array transducer for high resolution ultrasound images and crystal clear video images
* Color Doppler and Power Doppler make it easier to interpret blood flow conditions and offer electronically adjustable focusing and multi-frequency imaging capabilities
* The compact convex array transducer allows for improved insertion capability
* Wide 180-degree scanning angle ensures comprehensive imaging of all structures surrounding the region of interest
* Olympus’ patented forceps elevator design allows fine-tuning of needle placement once the scope position is fixed.
* 2.8mm diameter channel of the GF-UC140P-AL5 provides impressive ease of use
* 3.7mm diameter channel of the GF-UCT140-AL5 enables more advanced techniques to be performed using larger stents or other pancreatic cyst drainage accessories