Olympus GF-UE160-AL5 Electronic Radial Endoscopic Ultrasonography

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus GF-UE160-AL5 Electronic Radial Endoscopic Ultrasonography

Olympus is pleased to offer a very significant product in its Endoscopic Ultrasound product line - the GF-UE160-AL5, Radial Array Video Gastroscope. This is the first echoendoscope to feature full 360° electronic scanning. The uniquely compact curved-linear array (CLA) transducer was specifically designed by Olympus for the EUS application and is not an “off-the-shelf” transducer designed for general purpose of abdominal scanning.

There are two key advantages of the Olympus radial array endoscope. The first is one of economics. Since the curved-linear array and radial array instruments both scan electronically, the same type of processor can drive them both, therefore, two separate processors are not necessary. For Olympus, the compatible radial array processor is the Aloka’s SSD-Alpha5 (and the SSD-5000 once an upgrade kit has been installed). The second advantage also relates to electronic scanning. With the radial array echoendoscope, the use of Color, Power, and Spectral Doppler is possible. The Doppler feature provides the user with blood flow information, indicating which anatomical structures are vessels, which facilitates orientation.

* Full 360° scan plane.
* Electronic scanning supports the Doppler function allowing for easier orientation.
* Supports THE (Tissue Harmonics Echo) function improving spatial and contrast resolution.
* Four selectable frequencies provide high quality ultrasound images.
* Color and Power Doppler for effective confirmation of blood flow.
* Wide angulation range (130° up and 90° down/left/right) for facilitating the approach of the duodenal bulb.
* Lens cleaning function to keep the endoscopic field of view clear at all times.