Olympus GF-UM160 Ultrasonic Gastrovideoscope

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus GF-UM160 Ultrasonic Gastrovideoscope

Take endoscopic ultrasound to a whole new level with the GF-UM160, featuring the newly-developed HyperBand transducer along with a simplified control section. The HyperBand Transducer, including composite piezo-electric material, provides true broadband scanning using four different frequencies resulting in high-resolution ultrasound images with deeper penetration. Depending on the frequency you choose, you can image organs deep into the body or close in on the finer details of more superficial areas. The scope also boasts a lighter, more compact control section that is identical to that of a conventional video endoscope. This new design allows for increased maneuverability of the scope during use and minimizes fatigue for its operator.

* HyperBand transducer lets you image using frequencies from 5MHz to 20MHz without having to switch scopes
* Use of the GF-UM160 along with the EU-M60 Endoscopic Ultrasound Center results in images of higher-resolution and increased penetration depth
* The control section is now identical to that of standard video endoscopes making the GF-UM160 much easier to use and minimizing operator fatigue
* Customizable remote switches can provide three separate EVISTM and three separate EUSTM functions, programmed according to your preference
* Ultrasonic cable is now detachable making it easier for placement in reprocessing basins and simplifying its transportation and storage
* Has the same scope ID function of the EVIS EXERA 160 Series