Olympus MH-908 Esophageal Ultrasonic Probe

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus MH-908 Esophageal Ultrasonic Probe

Research shows that a significant minority of esophageal and cardiac tumor patients cannot be fully examined with conventional ultrasonic endoscopes because of esophageal stenosis. To meet the needs of that patient group, Olympus has developed the MH-908; a slim ultrasonic probe for the esophagus, which combines improved insertability, even into narrow or stenotic sections of the esophagus, with the endosonographic capability of the traditional staging tool, the Olympus ultrasound gastroscope.

* Slim insertion tube of 7.9mm diameter eases passage through narrow or stenotic sections of the esophagus.

* The MH-908 Ultrasonic Probe is equipped with a cone-shaped metal bougie-like tip for even greater ease of insertion.

* Monorail Guide-wire System ensures safety during insertion and can be used to support palliation therapy, both before and after endosonographic examination.

* 7.5MHz Ultrasonic Frequency provides the depth of penetration needed for thorough staging, and generates 360-degree sector scan images facilitating exact tumor delineation.

* A thorough exploration of the celiac trunk area for lymph node identification is provided by the MH-908’s angulation capability of 130-degrees UP, 90-degrees DOWN, and 90-degrees LEFT/RIGHT.