Olympus OFP Flushing Pump

Olympus Updated: 2007-09-10
Olympus OFP Flushing Pump

Clear out debris and improve your ability to observe, maneuver, and diagnose during endoscopic exams with the OFP Flushing Pump. Specifically designed for use with particular Olympus' EVIS EXERATM videoscopes that incorporate a dedicated auxiliary water channel, the OFP is a peristaltic pump that can supply sterile water at the touch of a button or by means of a foot-switch. It also has an automatic cut-off feature after 20 seconds of continuous operation and includes autoclavable tubing and container for easy cleaning and maintenance.

* Small and compact size for convenient use, placement, and storage
* Easy-to-operate via foot-switch or remotely when combined with the CV-160 video processor
* Pump head is easy to connect and operate thereby reducing set-up time
* Automatic cut-off feature means the OFP will automatically cease supplying sterile water after 20 seconds of continuous operation
* Adjustable flow rate
* Tubing and container are autoclavable