Olympus PEF-V Esophagoscope

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Olympus PEF-V Esophagoscope


* Digital imaging utilizing a CCD at the scope tip produces clear and vivid images

* Miniaturized Color CCD provides consistent color reproduction without separation for improved observation

* 5.3mm Outer Diameter allows for smooth insertion without sedation

* Air/Water Insufflation and Suction capability is easily activated on the control section to maximize visualization

* 2mm Biopsy Channel makes the PEF-V compatible with a number of Olympus endotherapy accessories for a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures

* VISERA™ video system allows digital recording of still and moving images for documentation and management purposes

* Long 650mm working length lets the user reach the stomach and observe the cardia more easily

The videoscope for unsedated esophagoscopy the world has been waiting for has arrived. The PEF-V uses a simultaneous-multicolor CCD at the scope tip to produce images that are color-consistent, moire-free and clearer than ever from Olympus. The PEF-V’s slim 5.3mm tip diameter allows for easy insertion - without sedation - and a large 2mm channel to accommodate a variety of endotherapy accessories, the PEF-V is the all-in-one solution you've been looking for.

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