Olympus WM-60 Mobile Workstation

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Olympus WM-60 Mobile Workstation

The WM-60 Mobile Workstation was designed to meet the more sophisticated demands of the modern endoscopy environment. The WM-60 supports optional platforms for 14" or 20" monitors, and can accommodate up to three shelves (included) to provide the space required to house today's more advanced scopes and support equipment. There's also an adjustable scope hanger to hold any two Olympus GI or BF flexible scopes and two Endo-therapyTM accessories, and a convenient keyboard holder that can be mounted on either side of the WM-60 for further space efficiency. These features and more - including wheels for needed mobility - make the WM-60 both practical to use and aesthetically pleasing.


* Accommodates up to three shelves in nine different locations for desired positioning of equipment

* Scope hanger can hold two Olympus GI or BF flexible endoscopes and two Endo-ftherapy accessories; the height of the hanger can be adjusted

* Has a soft autoclavable rubber scope tip protector that can easily be removed for cleaning

* Includes a pull-out keyboard tray to make entering patient information easy and convenient

* Removable side panel allows easy access to the light source for lamp replacement

* Central on/off switch provides easy control of the workstation

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