HP 2140 Fax

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HP 2140 Fax

If you want an affordable plain-paper inkjet fax machine—one loaded with features to make your workday easier and more efficient—consider the HP 2140 Fax. Highlights include fast speeds, plenty of memory, copy capabilities, and a built-in phone.

Quick, efficient, affordable
* Fax fast, at speeds up to 6 seconds per page, with the 14.4 Kbps modem
* Save frequently sent faxes to memory and resend without rescanning using the Favorite Faxes feature
* Store up to 200 pages; don't miss a fax just because you've run out of ink or paper
* Save time: fax and copy using the 15-page automatic document feeder
* Fax, copy, and make calls from a single machine
* Save space on your desk with the integrated phone and compact design
* Make up to 50 copies at speeds up to 3 pages per minute (handy when the standard copier is busy)
* Reduce and enlarge copies by 50 to 150%

Reliable support and supplies
* Get peace of mind with the one-year limited warranty and toll-free phone support
* Find answers to your product questions online, 24 x 7, at our Consumer Support Forum, HP.com/support/consumer-forum
* Get high-quality faxes and copies on plain paper with HP inkjet cartridges
* Resist smudging and get decades of fade resistance with important papers
* Get exclusive offers and discounts on supplies, shop from your own customized supplies list, and get free next-day shipping with "My Print Rewards"

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