Panasonic DP-190 Network Fax

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Panasonic DP-190 Network Fax

Bringing the latest in cutting-edge technology to your office, the intelligent WORKiO DP-190 will help you meet your document processing needs and manage your documents more effectively than ever.

From copying and color scanning to printing and faxing, the DP-190 is the ultimate all-round document management tool for small departments and workgroups.

It comes with both Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) and a built-in duplex unit, so you can use it as a powerful plain paper copier with up to 19 cpm capability that rivals dedicated copiers.

The DP-190 also features a color flatbed scanner that makes it easy to digitize paper documents and transfer the files directly to a PC on the network or send them as email attachments to remote computers via the Internet.

And with automated network installation capability, the DP-190 can be plugged into your existing LAN, so you can immediately use it as a high-performing network printer.

Use the DP-190 as a Super G3 fax with JBIG compression for fast, high-quality transmission for superior office performance.

The DP-190 from Panasonic - it's the intelligent solution for your business.