SHARP FO-3150 Small Office/Personal Fax

SHARP Updated: 2007-11-08
SHARP FO-3150 Small Office/Personal Fax

Now you can do it all with the FO-3150 desktop laser fax. With robust features like a 20-sheet document feeder, letter/legal paper handling, and serial broadcasting to 20 locations, the FO-3150 will increase your productivity while reducing your time in front of the fax machine. Whether sending or receiving, the FO-3150 will get the job done with the predictability and efficiency you expect.


Automatic Document Feeder
The automatic document feeder can hold up to 20 originals for sending or copying.

1.8 MB Standard Memory
The 1.8 MB standard memory can store up to 100 pages of sent documents, or if out of paper or toner, it can receive up to this in memory.

Serial Broadcasting
The FO-3150 can send the same document to up to 20 destinations in a single operation.

Group Dialing
The FO-3150 can store two dialing groups that can contain up to 20 destinations each. This is convenient for sending documents regularly to the same recipients, such as monthly reports.

Zoom Magnification Copy Mode
The FO-3150 offers 7 preset zoom magnification modes for copying a range from 50% to 200%.

Help Key for Quick Instructions
The Help Key on the FO-3150 prints a quick instruction sheet on how to perform advanced operations.

Type: Desktop
Modem Speed: 14, 400 BPS (max)1, 2
Memory Size: 1.8 MB
Document Size: Width: 5.8" to 8.5"
Length: 5.5" to 11"
Automatic Document Feeder: 20 Sheet
Automatic Paper feeding: Yes
Speed Dials/Rapid Dials: 89 Speed / 10 Rapid
Copy: Single/Multi/Sort (up to 99)