SHARP FO-4470 Workgroup Fax

SHARP Updated: 2007-11-08
SHARP FO-4470 Workgroup Fax

Designed for the growing business, the FO-4470 Super G3 workgroup fax offers a robust 16 PPM print engine, 8 MB standard flash memory, secure fax release, up to 750 sheet paper capacity (with options) and more. With features like personal auto-dial phone books that allow multiple departments to register their own auto-dial numbers and a large tilting status display, the FO-4470 is the perfect workhorse for today's busy office environments.


Quick Scan
Scans one page within 1-3 seconds, which reduces your time in front of the fax machine on large document transmissions.

Quick Dial Access
When sending a fax, the number is dialed immediately, even before the entire document is scanned.

Secure Fax Release
The FO-4470 helps businesses meet government security regulations, such as HIPPIA, by allowing faxes to be received into memory, only to be printed by a walk-up user that has a pass code (This feature can be enabled by the user.).

10 Personal Auto-dial Phone Books
The machine can store 10 personal auto-dial phone books with up to 75 auto-dial numbers in each. Good for multiple departments using the same machine.

Semi-automatic Duplex Scanning
Duplex scan key prompts users to flip over duplex originals when scanning them for fax transmission or copy. Eliminates the need to separate pages at the copier.

Ergonomic Display
A large 7" x 3.2" status display screen tilts to provide easy viewing.

16 Page Per Minute Print Speed
Heavy duty print engine can print received faxes up to 16 pages per minute.

Optional Large Paper Capacity
FO-4470 can grow with your business. Standard 250-sheet paper capacity can be expanded to 750 sheets with an optional 500-sheet cassette.

Type: Desktop Facsimile
Modem Speed: 33.6 Kbps
Memory Size: 8 MB
Document Size: 11" x 39" max / 5" x 5" min
Automatic Document Feeder: 50 Sheets
Automatic Paper feeding: Yes
Speed Dials/Rapid Dials: 75 speed dials / 59 Rapid dials
Copy: Yes