Genius MaxFighter F-16 V2 PC Joystick

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Genius MaxFighter F-16 V2 PC Joystick

Experience the Power, Energy, and the Excellent

Key features:

* High technology and precision control
* Advanced ergonomic design reduces fatigue
* Four buttons on handle
* Throttle speed control on base
* Turbo switch between C, D and TA, TB
* Four suction cups stabilize the base

MaxFighter F-16 V2
Connector: Game port
Trigger Button 1: Never miss a shot with the easy-fire trigger!
Throttle Button: The ultimate throttle speed control.
Buttons 2, 3, 4: Select these buttons for flights, weapon systems, and for other controls.
Ergonomic Design: Contoured handle keeps you comfortable and accurate
Turbo Switch: Yes
Dimension: 6.22" x 6.69" x 9.65"