Genius MaxFighter F-16U PC Joystick

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Genius MaxFighter F-16U PC Joystick

The MaxFighter F-16U adopting USB interface is the latest model of the Genius F-16 joystick family. F-16U retains the same functions as the previous F-16 model, but has more interface options. There are two available interfaces, either USB port or game port, in the Genius F-16 joystick family depending on your need.

The F-16U includes four buttons, and throttle for use when playing flight games. Plus, the MaxFighter F-16U turbo button has a continuous trigger effect. The turbo function lets you play flight games on your PC or the Internet more easily.

Key features:

* Precise control with four buttons include trigger
* Includes Throttle controller
* Turbo function has continuous trigger effect
* USB interface; no driver required
* Supports Windows 2003/XP/Me/2000/98

MaxFighter F-16U
USB Port: Yes
Number of Button: 4
Throttle: Yes
Turbo Function: Yes