Genius MaxFighter F-31U Vibration PC Joystick

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Genius MaxFighter F-31U Vibration PC Joystick

The MaxFighter F-31U Vibration joystick includes ten buttons, a throttle, rudder and viewfinder for use when playing flight games. Plus, the MaxFighter F-31U Vibration has a stronger built-in motor for powerful vibration effect. The Vibration function lets you experience realistic force when playing your combat or flight games on your PC or the Internet. Come on! Let's go soar in the sky with MaxFighter F-31U Vibration!

Key features:

* Motor built-in for real vibration effect
* Precise control with ten buttons include trigger
* Includes Throttle/Rudder/Hat Switch controller
* Four suction cups for a stable base
* USB interface-Easy to install
* Supports Windows XP/Me/2000/98

MaxFighter F-31U Vibration
USB Port: Yes
Number of button: 10
Rudder: Yes
Hat Switch: Yes
Vibration Feedback: Yes