Genius MaxFire Blaze2 Game Pad

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Genius MaxFire Blaze2 Game Pad

Vibration Gamepad for PlayStation 2

With a choice of classic white or PlayStation's deep blue, the Blaze2 is the latest gamepad innovations from Genius. They offer outstanding fun with the Turbo function and real vibration effects.

The Turbo function provides auto repeat and can be a real advantage in action games such as fighting, shooting or first person shooter (FPS) games. Two vibration motors, weighted differently and spinning independently, give you real experience during every turn, bump, dip and crash.

The upgraded MaxFire Blaze2 can be used on both PC and PS2 gaming systems; this saves you money and time from finding different gamepads for different gaming systems.

Still using a standard gamepad? Try the MaxFire Blaze Series in your hands and find out that it has the familiar button layout and all the controls you need to dominate.

Key features:

* Compatible with PlayStation2/PlayStation/PlayStation one/PlayStation X
* Compatible with Windows XP/2000/ME/98SE
* Turbo function key for superior control especially in action or shooting games
* Dual motor provides real vibration effects such as hits, explosions or crashes.
* Provides analog sticks and ergonomic design delivers the ultra comfort playing experience.

MaxFire Blaze2
PS2/PS one/PS: Yes
PC Game: Yes
PS2 Standard Gameport: Yes
PC USB Port: Yes
8-way D-Pad button: Yes
Standard Action buttons: Yes
Shoulder buttons: Yes
Start/Select/Anolog buttons: Yes
Vibration Feedback: Yes
Turbo Function: Yes
WEEE information:
- Gift box dimension: 25cm x19cm x 5.5cm
- Body dimension: 15.5x11.5x5 cm
- Body Weight: 420