Genius MaxFire Grandias 12V Game Pad

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Genius MaxFire Grandias 12V Game Pad

The MaxFire Grandias 12V is the latest game pad from Genius specifically designed for PC users. This game pad has vibration feedback and features three levels of the Turbo function for different auto repeat rates, which is great for action or shooting games. It also has three levels of the Macro function so you can combine buttons and repeat the critical movements as often as you like.

The ergonomic design provides more comfort; an 8-way D-pad and 12 action buttons including 4 side buttons and analog stick buttons. MaxFire Grandias 12V lets you act and reach targets simply while playing games.

To feel the real vibration effect in PC games, the MaxFire Grandias 12V is the ideal choice for you. Just plug it into the USB port, setup the Turbo or Macro function on the buttons for repeat attacks, and you can easily have fun immediately.

Key features:

* Dual motor provides real vibration effects for hits, explosions or crashes
* Provides 8-way D-Pad/action buttons and the ergonomic design delivers the ultra comfort playing experience.
* Macro function for setting sequence of movements and anybody can do trick moves with one touch of the control button.
* Anolog direction sticks for easy and advanced control
* Turbo button for auto repeat, great for shooting and action games.

MaxFire Grandias 12V
Interfaces: USB
Supports OS: Windows Vista/XP/2000/ME/98SE
Vibration: Yes
D-Pad: Yes
Analog Stick: Yes
Action buttons: 12
-Side buttons: 4
Turbo: Yes (Three Levels)
Macro: Yes (Three Levels)