Genius MaxFire Pandora Game Pad

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Genius MaxFire Pandora Game Pad

In a round, compact shape and secret cosmos colors, the newest Genius' game pad, MaxFire Pandora , is designed for PC and notebook gamers. Since you can store the USB cable inside the game pad, MaxFire Pandora eliminates tangled cords and is really easy to carry with your notebook and it also saves a lot of desktop space.

Action buttons include two triggers plus "Turbo" function for "Auto repeat" that provides superior control and ultimate power in games, especially in action, shooting or first person shooters (FPS) games.

Are you ready for the "Pandora" magic? Just take the MaxFire Pandora with you, have instant fingertip access to every control and enjoy the extra power.

Key features:

* USB Cable stores under game pad to eliminate tangled cords and is easy to carry.
* Use the Turbo function for auto repeat and turbo power.
* Compact design for notebook users or kids.
* 8-way D-pad and 8 action buttons including 2 triggers that provide superior controls in action or shooting games.

MaxFire Pandora
Interfaces: USB
OS Required: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
Action buttons: 6
Side buttons(Trigger): 2
D-Pad: Yes
Advance Function: Turbo
Mini Pad Design: Yes
Wrap-Cable: Yes