Genius MaxFire Wireless G-12PS Game Pad

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Genius MaxFire Wireless G-12PS Game Pad

The Number One Armories Combo 2.4G Wireless Vibration Game Pad for PS2 & PC

Play games with unlimited freedom

The MaxFire Wireless G-12PS game pad is compatible with PC and PlayStation®2 systems, which means you can play games on PC or PS2 with Wireless G-12PS as you wish. This is another Genius outstanding product and the latest two-in-one invention that will definitely bring you much more fun and features than any other game controller.

The Wireless G-12PS controller uses the latest RF 2.4GHz wireless technology; it eliminates any risk of blind spots and works up to ten meters away. You can play PS2/PC or Internet games at any corner of the living room; fight, fly or race without any hindrance or entanglement.

The controller has a dual motor built-in for real vibration effect. The Vibration function lets you experience realistic force when playing your favorite games.Plus, the Wireless G-12PS has an 8-way D-pad and twelve buttons for precise and comfortable direction control.

Come on! Let the Wireless G-12PS be your guide in the game kingdom.

Key features:

* 2.4GHz RF wireless technology
* Freedom of movement - up to ten meters
* Direction-Pad, 12 function buttons, Dual mini stick
* Dual motor provides optimum vibration effect
* Compatible with PlayStation and PC systems
* Supports Play Station and PlayStation systems standard interface and PC system USB interface

MaxFire Wireless G-12PS
USB Port: Yes
Play Station Type Game Port: Yes
8-ways D-Pad button: Yes
Number of Butrton: 12
Throttle: Yes
Rudder: Yes
Support Win XP/Me/2000/98: Yes
PlayStation 1 & 2: Yes
Vibration Feedback: Yes
RF Wireless Techology: 2.4Ghz
Mini Stick: 2
Battery: AAx4