Genius Speed Wheel 3 Vibration Racing Wheel

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Genius Speed Wheel 3 Vibration Racing Wheel

Always wanted to accelerate faster, make a precise turn or brake just in time? Well, the Genius fancy Speed Wheel 3 Vibration gives you the sensations of speed, g-forces, road conditions altogether. With Vibration Feedback technology you'll feel realistic vibration when you're turning, bumping or crashing in your games. A set of sensitive gas (slip-resistant) and brake pedals or levers let you speed up or clap on the breaks in seconds! In addition, you can easily control your car with eight programmable buttons and levers to leave your competitors in the dust. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the new Genius Speed Wheel 3 Vibration wheel system and get on the racetrack!

Key features:

* Vibration function allows you to experience realistic force
* Ergonomic foot pedals include an accelerator and a brake
* Provides hand levers for acceleration and brake control
* Eight programmable buttons for commonly used game features
* Four suction cups provide the best stability
* Two C-clamps fit most tables and desks
* Driver for Windows XP/Me/2000/98

USB Port: Yes
Number of Buttons: 8
Foot Pedals: Yes
Hand Levers: Yes
Vibration Feedback: Yes
Fixed base: Yes (four suction cups / two C-clamps)