Genius Trio Racer FF Force Feedback Racing Wheel

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Genius Trio Racer FF Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Experience a new era of driving realism with the Genius Trio Racer FF, the 3 in 1 Force Feedback racing wheel that saves you money and space and lets you play racing games on PS2, XBOX and PC platforms with the same wheel. With Immersion's patented TouchSense technology, the Trio Racer FF high intensity force feedback delivers real racing experience for every bump, jolt and crash in games.

In addition, Trio Racer FF includes pedals for realistic acceleration and braking; an auto centering function improves handling on curves, and is plug-and-play so you don't have to calibrate it before playing racing games. Also, suction cups and C-clamps on the base of the wheel provide you great stability. An additional lap attachment is included, and is easy to use so you can enjoy comfortable driving from your favorite couch or chair.

12 programmable buttons includes 2 shifter buttons along with a rubber-coated wheel provide comfortable control or handling. So if you're looking for a real racing wheel that can be used in multiple platforms, then it's time you picked up the Trio Racer FF!

Key features:

* Compatible with PlayStation2, XBOX and PC gaming systems.
* Force feedback technology feels just like real racing!
* Rubberized wheel for comfortable control and handling.
* 12 programmable buttons includes 2 shifters for assigning frequently used game features.
* Includes foot pedals for accelerator and break.
* Suction cup, C-clamps fit most table and desks.
* Lap attachment included for comfortable driving from any couch or chair

Trio Racer FF
System support: PS2, XBOX, PC
USB Port: Yes
PS2R Game Pad Port: Yes
XBOX Game Pad Port: Yes
Number of Buttons: 12
Foot Pedals: Yes
Hand Levers: Yes
Force Feedback: Yes
Rubberized Wheel: Yes
Fixed base: Yes (suction cups/C-clamps/Lap attachment)