Logitech 941-000040 Speed Force Wireless Racing Wheel

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Logitech 941-000040 Speed Force Wireless Racing Wheel

One-piece design, force feedback and wireless technology let you enjoy a more realistic driving experience without compromising the simplicity Wii™ is known for.

The Logitech® Speed Force Wireless™ force feedback racing wheel provides a realistic driving experience for Wii™.


* Full-featured racing wheel: Provides a realistic driving experience.
* 2.4 GHz wireless technology: Delivers exceptional control from up to 30 feet (10 m) from the console.
* Force feedback: Recreates bumps, crashes, and traction loss with jaw-dropping realism.


* One-piece design: Reduces clutter and makes setup and storage easy.
* Expandable lap rest: Allows for comfortable game play without being bound to a table or desk.
* Built-in gas and brake controls: Puts precise, fast action within easy reach.
* AC power supply included: No batteries necessary.


* Licensed for Wii™: Ensures both design and technical compatibility.
* Works exclusively with: Need for Speed™: Undercover.


System Requirements
-Wii™ game console

Package Contents
o Wireless, force feedback steering wheel
o 2.4 GHz USB mini-receiver
o AC power supply with 12-foot cord
o Quick-start guide
o 1-year limited hardware warranty