Logitech 963282-0403 MOMO Racing Force Feedback Wheel

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Logitech 963282-0403 MOMO Racing Force Feedback Wheel

Feel every bump, curb, pothole, and fender-bender with realistic force feedback wheel technology. Enhance your control with the realistic shifter and foot pedals—designed by the racing pros at MOMO®.


* Force Feedback: Let authentic directional assistance guide your way.
* Six Programmable Buttons: Take command of your favorite moves.
* Gas and Brake Pedals: Get instant response and feedback with carpet-grip foot pedals.
* Shifting Options: Use paddle shifters to keep your hands on the wheels or the manual knob for sequential precision.


* Full Rubber Wheel: Keep your hands comfortable with this seamless 11-inch wheel.
* Triple Clamping system: Avoid rocking or slipping on your desk.

System Requirements

o PC with Pentium® processor or compatible
o 64 MB RAM
o 20 MB of available hard disk space
o CD-ROM drive
o USB port
o Windows® 98, Windows® 2000, Windows® Me, Windows® XP, or Windows Vista®

Package Contents

o Logitech MOMO™ Force Feedback Wheel with stick shifter and paddle shifters
o Gas and brake pedals with carpet grip system
o Setup guide
o Installation CD-ROM
o Power supply
o 1-year warranty