Logitech 963497-0403 ChillStream Controller

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Logitech 963497-0403 ChillStream Controller

Your racing heart. Your pumping adrenaline. Your sweaty palms? Get a grip in high-tension battles and eliminate the anxiety of hand-offs and high-fives with the revolutionary cooling system that gives you the ultimate in both comfort and control.

High Performance
Stay on top of your game.

* Analog Sticks & Triggers: Experience superior speed and precision.
* Responsive Action: Enhance your accuracy.

Get into your comfort zone and get better control.

* Ergonomic Design: Enjoy critically-acclaimed, well-placed buttons.
* Soft Rubber Grips: Hang on tight with soft rubber grips and slip-free hands.

The Cool Factor
Put the smackdown on sweat and keep your reaction time at its peak.

* Patented Cooling System: Flows air onto your fingers and the palm of your hand.
* Customized Flow: Choose continuous, interval, or off.
* Silent Operation: Stay in the zone with no distractions.