XFX GA-SP03-SW020NG XGear PC/PS2 Wireless Controller

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XFX GA-SP03-SW020NG XGear PC/PS2 Wireless Controller

The XGear Series of controllers breaks away from conventional thinking and opens up the gaming world to the contemporary lifestyle. Its gentle curves and points of illumination not only make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but its ergonomic form factor with specialized grip material also has it inviting to the touch. With XGear, interactivity is channeled through form and function.

Platform: PS2
Reflex Vibration: Yes
Analog on/off: Yes
D-pad: Yes
Analog Thumbsticks: Yes
Macro: Yes
Clear Memory Button: Yes
Buttons: 19
Mode: Yes

Advanced Macro Programmability
Allows complex maneuvers to be replicated by the press of a single button, including adjustable speeds. Now with up to 32 button combinations to tackle even the most complex of combos and cheat codes.

Turbo Mode
Enables rapid firing on all buttons to accomplish repeat firing on most shooting and fighting games.

Dual Reflex Vibration
Two tailor-made Dual Reflex Motors accurately translate signals from games into actual vibrations to simulate real impact action.

Easy-to-Reach Primary Buttons
Independent precision, fully programmable buttons with our new digital-response technology.

Dual Analog Ministicks
Enjoy enhanced mobility with easy-to-reach analog thumb sticks for precision manuevers.

Immersion TouchSense™ Technology
Immersion TouchSense™ technology brings a whole new dimension of realism to gaming. Software and hardware developers can add realistic tactile feedback that corresponds to events and environments within the computer game world. For example, you can experience a fish nibbling at your hands or the vibrations of flight turbulence - all through your mouse, joystick, game pad or steering wheel.

8-Way Digital D-Pad
Directional pad for joystick-like controls greatly improve the gaming experience.

2.4 Ghz Wireless
Enjoy low latency and superb response up to 30 feet away from the receiver. No more tangled chords or breakneck gaming on big screen televisions.

Vibration Intensity Control
Lets you customize vibration strength to your liking and conserves battery life.

Charging Base Unit
Our charging base not only charges your controller when mounted, but also charges a backup set of batteries so that you