HIS H165GTQT256GDD-R X1650GT AGP Video Card

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HIS H165GTQT256GDD-R X1650GT AGP Video Card

HIS X1650GT IceQ Turbo DL-DVI 256MB GDDR3 PCIe

* Powered by ATI Radeon X1650GT - 525MHz (Turbo)
* 256MB-128bit 4 channel GDDR3 memory - 1.4GHz (Turbo)
* 24 Pixel shader processor
* 8 Vertex shader processor
* Ultra-threaded SM 3.0 Engine
* 256-bit Ring-bus
* ATI Avivo
* High Precision Architecture
* CrossFire#8482;Support
* PCI Express® x16 lane native support


* RV560 process
* Vertex and Pixel Shader 3.0
* 10bit Native Display Quality
* Dynamic Flow Control
* 128-bit FP32 Processing
* 1024 instruction slots Shaders
* 128-way Ultra-threaded dispatch processor
* 256-bit Ring Bus
* High Dymanic Range rendering
* All stage Trilinear (16X) Anisotropic Filtering
* Full (HQ) Anisotropic Filtering
* 12X Temporal Max. MSAA
* 6X Adaptive AA
* Parallax Occlusion Mapping
* 12-tap error-free Dynamic Soft Shadows
* H.264 Accelerated
* CrossFire support
* DirectX® 9 and OpenGL® supported


* Faster: Boosting GPU to run faster than original setting (Core:525MHz/Memory:1400MHz)
* Cooler: HIS IceQ further cool down the core temperature dramatically with 11C lower than original.
* Quieter: HIS IceQ achieve a lower noise level than original cooler,as lower as 20dB noise level
* ALL Cool: UV Sensitive and extends card life
* Platinum packing with software bundle
* Professional customer service and technical support