Tyan Tachyon G9500 PRO Graphics Card

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Tyan Tachyon G9500 PRO Graphics Card

The Tachyon G9500 PRO brings both the world of Microsoft® 9.0 and the speed of AGP 8X to gaming enthusiasts everywhere.  With a 275MHz engine clock and 128MB of 540MHz DDR memory, it is an incredibly fast solution with an excellent price-performance ratio.  Other features include an 8-pixel rendering pipeline, an advanced cooling solution, 128-bit floating point precision, ATI's HYDRAVISION™ software for multiple monitor display, and the latest OpenGL® support.

The Tachyon G9500 PRO features TYAN's much anticipated Tachyon Graphics Monitor Software 2.0, which will allow users to monitor key hardware indicators such as VPU temperature and voltage, and in addition, regulates the fan speed on the card for optimal acoustics in the end-user's PC environment.


Visual Processing Unit
- 275MHz core frequency

- AGP 8X/4X/2X support

Video Output
- DB15 VGA Analog out
- DVI-I Digital out
- TV Analog out: S-Video, Composite
- Dual Monitor Support

Onboard Frame Buffer
- 540MHz DDR frequency

System Requirements
- Intel® Pentium® 4 / III / II /
- Celeron™ or compatible with
- AGP 8X/4X/2X
- AMD-K6®/Athlon™/Athlon™
- XP or compatible with AGP
- 8X/4X/2X
- Windows® XP, 2000, 98/ME
- 128MB of system memory
- Installation software requires
- CD-ROM drive
- DVD Playback requires
- DVD drive

Package Contents
- 1 Tachyon Card
- 3 Video Cables
- 1 DVI-VGA Adapter
- 1 4-pin Power Cable
- 1 User's Manual
- 1 Driver CD: Drivers & WinDVD 4.0; TGM 2.0
- 1 Quick Installation Guide (Multi-Language)