VisionTek X1300 SFF PCI Graphics Card

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VisionTek 	X1300 SFF PCI Graphics Card

Step-up to serious 2D/3D performance and high-definition image quality with VisionTek's Radeon® X1300 SFF PCI graphics card. Small Form Factor design fits in today's Low Profile desktops and workstations (short bracket mounted on card). Card is convertible to standard ATX design with (included) tall bracket for standard chassis as well. Dual Link DVI support for up to 2560x1600 resolution in digital mode. Cinematic quality component HDTV up to 1080p is supported through the 7-pin S-Video connector on board. For enhanced graphics, the Radeon X1300 combines a radically new and efficient ultra-threaded core architecture with ATI's revolutionary AvivoTM video and display technology. The VisionTek Radeon X1300 delivers exceptional visual performance for all types of PC entertainment and productivity. Ideal for gaming, multimedia, office productivity, and workstation applications. PCI bus ensures universal compatibility in all PC types both old and new.

High Definition 3D Performance & Image Quality for Your PC!
Step-up to serious 3D performance and image quality with the VisionTek Radeon® X1300 featuring an advanced technology architecture including:
A 90-nanometer process GPU,
An ultra-threaded processing architecture
An advanced memory controller.

ATI Launches Avivo™ Video and Display Technology
Avivo™ technology connects to high-resolution displays and home entertainment devices and produces vibrant colors, ultra sharp images, and the smoothest video playback ever offered by ATI.

Quick Specs
533 MHz GDDR-2 Memory
256MB on board memory
3.3v PCI Bus

Detailed Specifications
DVI-I, TV-Out (VGA through included adapter)
Dual Link DVI supports up to 2560x1600 resolution
Small Form Factor design - 2.4" x 6.7"
Short bracket mounted on card
Convertible to tall bracket ATX form factor
TV Out supports component HDTV (cable not included)
S-Video at 1024x768, HDTV at 1080p

DVI to VGA adapter
Tall bracket for ATX conversion
Driver CD
Install Guide

640x480 (digital and analog)
800x600 (digital and analog)
1024x768 (digital and analog)
1152x864 (digital and analog)
1280x1024 (digital and analog)
1600x1200 (digital and analog)
1920x1080 16:9 (digital and analog)
1920x1200 (digital and analog)
1920x1440 (digital and analog)
2048x1536 (digital and analog)
2560x1600 (digital)