VisionTek X1650XT Dual Graphics Card

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VisionTek X1650XT Dual Graphics Card

VisionTek X1650XT Dual Processor Quad Card x16 PCI Express
Transform Your PC with Intense 3D and High-Definition Visuals

The VisionTek X1650XT is designed to deliver outstanding entertainment and 3D graphics through its unique ultra-threaded core architecture and Avivo™ video and display technology

Revolutionary Avivo™ Video and Display Technology
With ATI Avivo™ technology the VisionTek X1650XT connects to home entertainment devices, workstation monitors, and digital equipment and produces vibrant colors, sharp images, true-to-life image reproduction, and the smoothest video playback ever offered by ATI.

A New Era of Visual Realism Brings Your Games to Life
X1650XT's technology and new 3D architecture support Shader Model 3.0 and deliver new high dynamic range visual effects and enhanced realism.

Intelligent Software for Clear and Stable Images
Squeeze every drop of performance out of the X1650XT, with Catalyst™ Control Center, the award winning feature-rich software application with automatic and adjustable display configurations. Keep on top of technology changes with frequent updates and support for current operating systems and Microsoft® Vista.

Internal CrossFire READY —VisionTek X1650XT Quad card
The X1650XT comes fully enabled for multi-GPU support. CrossFire brings a completely overhauled Multi-GPU engine to your PC.
Crossfire Mode supported on following configurations

* ATI Xpress 200 chipset
* ATI Xpress 3200 chipset
* Intel 945 motherboard
* Intel 965 motherboard
* Intel 975 motherboard

CrossFire READY (Native Crossfire) Radeon X1650XT
Native CrossFire support is a new feature in the 1650XT, making the ASIC multi-GPU technology ready.
There is a built-in Crossfire compositor and control for synchronizing parallel graphic processors in one system
The X1650XT CrossFire™ Edition completes the fastest multi-GPU consumer gaming platform, employing an ultra-threaded engine for maximum graphical detail and unparalleled shader performance at the highest frame rates.
Designed from the ground up to deliver maximum graphical detail at ultra-high frame rates, the X1650XT's state-of-the-art architecture includes an ultra-threaded engine for unparalleled shader performance. Paired with a CrossFire Ready X1650XT, your greatest multi-GPU fantasies will come true.
The X1650XT ups the ante with ATI Avivo™ video and display technology that delivers movies, games, and photos in high-definition with stunning color and realism.

VisionTek X1650XT Quad DVI Special Features
* Quad DVI outputs
* Quad DVI outputs through dual DMS59 connectors
* Dual X1650XT GPU
* Dual GPUs on one card

Crossfire enabled by single card
Native Crossfire enabled design, without additional flexible Crossfire cable
Provide triple bandwidth than SLI technology (24bit (12*2)>8bit)

Solid Capacitor design
Durability enhanced. Better electronic conductivity and excellent heat resistance

Single Slot thermal solution
7 cm quiet, one ball bearing fan with copper plate and fin for better thermal dissipation

ATI Physics accelerated support
Experience the true-to-life representations of reality in games with more convincing environments that include richer, more detailed explosions, smoke, debris, fluids, cloth and hair.

ATI AVIVO for Video and display perfection
ATI AVIVO provides PC users with crisp images and videos with true-to-life colors, 10-bit, one billion colors, and is an ideal partner for high-end home theater systems with its smooth multi-format HD video playback.

* HDR with AA
* FSAA and HQ feature filtering
* HDCP compliant, built-in EEPROM and HDCP key
* 24 pixel shaders on each processor

The RADEON X1650XT features a Shader Model 3.0 architecture done right.
90nm technology allows ATI to packs more features per square millimeter
than ever before.

New Ultra Threaded 3D architecture
The Radeon X1650XT features Ultra-Threaded 3D architecture capable of handling up to 128 threads at once. This design minimizes wasted processing cycles, and delivers over 95% efficiency for shader processing.

24 Shader Processors
As new applications require complex calculations; the Radeon X1650XT brings its powerful shader technology to new price levels. Multi-core technology decouples the shader processors from Texture units to improve branching efficiency for next generation SM3.0 features.

High Precision HDR
High Dynamic Range (HDR) rendering takes advantage of color formats with greater range and can product more realistic images. The X1650XT architecture three different HDR modes for ultimate flexibility

* 64-bit Floating Point for maximum range
* 64-bit Integer for maximum precision
* 10:10:10:2 for maximum speed
* All support Blending and Anti-Aliasing (exclusive ATI advantage)

The RADEON X1650XT is built for speed. To deliver this, a brand-new 256-bit internal Ring Bus was created to consistently operate at a high internal data rate that consistently feed the 24 x2 shader processors. The result

* Supports of up to 1.4GHz GDDR3
* Programmable Logic that allows for driver updates for memory efficiency
* New Cache Design for more optimal performance
* Improved rendering algorithms that deliver better compression and improved hidden surface removal for stencil shadows

* VisionTek X1650XT Dual Processor PCIe (Quad DVI-I)
* (4) DVI-I to VGA adapters
* Dual DMS59 install guide insert
* (2) Dual DVI-I DMS 59 Y-cables (4 outputs total)
* 6-pin 6-wire power cable
* VisionTek Installation CD
* Packaged in B2 retail box

Minimum Requirements:

* x16 PCI Express motherboard
* AMD Athlon XP, Athlon 64, Sempron, AthlonFX, Intel P4, Celeron, or higher with available x16 PCI Express motherboard
* Available 4-pin power leads from power supply unit (qty 2)
* 280W power supply unit - 350W+ recommended on systems fully loaded (additional/multiple case fans, hard drives, CD Roms, LED lights, etc.)
* Correct motherboard chipset drivers
* Crossfire Mode supported on following configurations
o ATI Xpress 200 chipset
o ATI Xpress 3200 chipset
o Intel 945 motherboard
o Intel 965 motherboard
o Intel 975 motherboard