Bose In-Ear Headphones

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Bose In-Ear Headphones

Bose® in-ear headphones

* Proprietary Bose headphone technologies deliver clear, well-balanced sound, including deep low notes
* Headphones rest gently in the bowls of your ears, not the ear canals
* Soft silicone tips in three sizes for a personal, comfortable fit
* Angled plug fits most MP3 players, including iPod® and iPhone™, as well as laptops and CD/DVD players

Bose in-ear headphones deliver quality audio you'd expect only from much larger headphones - plus a comfortable, adjustable fit. Enjoy tonally-balanced, realistic sound that's faithful to the source. And personalize your fit with the included small, medium and large silicone tips. Ideal for personal listening while exercising, relaxing or on the go.

Hear your music with more range and realism than most conventional earbuds can offer. Decades of Bose research and engineering help deliver this quality audio performance - including our proprietary TriPort® acoustic headphone structure for impressive low notes from small, in-ear headphones.

Better sound, better fit

Unlike most earbuds, Bose in-ear headphones are designed to be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. Our audio engineers developed contoured, soft silicone tips that rest easily in the outer bowls of your ears, not the pressure-sensitive ear canals.

The headphones come with removable tips in three sizes so you can tailor a fit that's right for you. You may find using a different size tip for each ear the most comfortable option. Bose in-ear headphones also come with a lanyard and clip for enhanced stability when you're on the move.

Better on the go

Bose in-ear headphones are engineered specifically as music headphones for use with MP3 players, laptops, and portable CD players. The cable's angled plug also fits directly into Apple iPhone and other sources with recessed headphone jacks. A sleek, protective carrying case is included, with enough extra room for a portable MP3.


Comfortable in-ear headphone design includes contoured, soft silicone tips that rest gently in the bowls of your ears, not the ear canals.

TriPort® acoustic headphone structure, available only from Bose, features tiny vents in the earcups that help produce a tonally-balanced audio performance, including deep low notes, from lightweight, on-ear headphones.

S, M and L removable silicone tips for an adjustable, personal fit.

Angled plug for extensive compatibility with most MP3 players, including iPod and iPhone models, as well as laptops and portable CD and DVD players.

Stability-enhancing lanyard and clothing clip help keep headphones in place during activity or use as sports headphones.

Protective carrying case for storing headphones and a portable MP3 player.