Bose QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Bose QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

QuietComfort® 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones

* Around-ear fit: Earcups rest gently around your ears
* Bose® noise reduction and quality sound for travel, work and home
* Comfortable, lightweight headphone design
* AAA battery: 40 hours average life
* Fold-flat earcups for easy storage in slim carrying case

Hear less noise and more of your music with acclaimed QuietComfort 2 headphones. Dramatically reduce engine roar on planes with advanced noise reduction technology pioneered by Bose. Fade background distractions at work and at home too.

Additional Bose innovations help your music come alive with well-balanced, detailed sound. All from a lightweight design, ergonomically crafted for a comfortable, around-ear fit.

Hear the difference Bose technology makes

QC®2 headphones' proprietary Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphone technology results from decades of Bose research and refinement. These award-winning headphones electronically identify and dramatically reduce noise - while preserving the sound or tranquility you desire.

They also feature proprietary signal processing and TriPort® acoustic headphone structure for quality audio performance - including deep low notesDfrom small, lightweight earcups.

For travel, work and home

QC headphones were originally designed for airplane travel, and you'll notice a dramatic decrease in jet engine noise when you fly. Simply connect them to the inflight entertainment system or your portable player to hear quality Bose sound.

Wear QC2 headphones on buses, trains, in the office and at home. You should notice a decrease in background distractions - and sparkling audio reproduction. Pair QC2 headphones with most music-enabled mobile phones too, using our optional mobile communications kit.

Comfortable and convenient

At just under seven ounces, QC2 headphones have a lightweight fit for hours of enjoyable listening. They gently surround your ears with a proprietary, soft-cushion design. And when you're on the move, they fold flat for convenient storage in a slim carrying case.


Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphone technology is a proprietary Bose® innovation that electronically identifies and reduces noise while faithfully preserving the audio or tranquility you desire.

TriPort® acoustic headphone structure, available only from Bose, features tiny vents in the earcups to produce a tonally-balanced audio performance from small, lightweight headphones.

Single, detachable audio cable for greater convenience than standard dual-cable designs. Use Bose QC2 headphones without the cable for noise reduction only. To add audio, simply connect the cable to inflight entertainment systems, computers, portable players and home systems.

QuietComfort ear cushions use a proprietary soft-cushion design to establish a critical acoustical seal between the earcups and your head. This enhances the benefits of our noise reduction headphone technology and helps deliver a quality audio performance.

Fold-flat earcups rotate 90 degrees for easy storage and portability in slim carrying case.

Portable carrying case protects your headphones and accessories.

Active equalization electronically tunes the frequency response, enabling outstanding audio performance.