Denon AH-D501K Enhanced On-Ear Headphones

Denon Updated: 2008-10-02 RSS
Denon AH-D501K Enhanced On-Ear Headphones

Supreme comfort and precision fidelity are the hallmarks of the AHD-501K stereo headphones, which feature wide range 35mm drivers housed in elegant enclosures that feature Denon's Acoustic Optimizer technology, which eliminates pressure differential for the smoothest tonal balance, free from coloration.

The split headband design provides quick and easy adjustment for maximum comfort, along with a housing reversal mechanism that allows one-ear monitoring, making the AHD-501K ideal for DJ use.

The comfortable padded surrounds feature soft, synthetic leather material with elegant stitching, providing maximum isolation from external sounds, and the unit's light weight (only 180 grams – 6.3 ounces) ensures fatigue-free listening.

The audiophile grade headphone cable features OFC oxygen-free copper wiring for maximum sonic purity, along with a gold-plated 3.5mm plug with precision metal barrel.

A 1.7 meter extension cable is supplied for in-home listening, along with an adapter plug for use with ¼" headphone jacks.