Jabra BT8040 Bluetooth Headset

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Jabra BT8040 Bluetooth Headset

Fit to perform

The latest technologies combined - offering true audio excellence.

Active Noise Reduction - enhances the sound quality on the transmitted and received audio.

Intelligent Volume Settings - equalizes incoming audio volume – amplifying a quiet voice, reducing a noisy one.
Acoustic Shock Protection - protects the ear from loud, sudden noises.

e-SCO - improves voice transfer from headset to phone.

Small Radical Design
The BT8040 looks good and sounds even better - a small headset that makes a big design statement.

Play music wirelessly
On the move or in the office; BT8040 plays music from mobile phones, media players and PC's. Listen to pod-casts or internet radio via A2DP - no need for headphones.

"Generation III" Jabra Ear Gel
A unique wearing style – no hook. The 3rd generation Jabra ear gel comes in 3 sizes – keeping ear and headset in perfect harmony.

* Fit to perform
* DSP (Digital signal processing) technology
* Active noise reduction
* Intelligent volume equalization
* MultiPoint connects up to 8 devices - 2 at any one time
* Less than 10 grams in weight
* Bluetooth 2.0 supporting headset - up to a 33 foot range