M-Audio IE-10 Professional Reference Earphones

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M-Audio IE-10 Professional Reference Earphones

Developed specifically for musicians, M-Audio IE-10 professional reference earphones incorporate stage-proven Ultimate Ears technology to deliver studio-quality sound anywhere you need it. Featuring precision-balanced armature technology and 26dB of isolation, the IE-10 is great for live and mobile monitoring—with the added benefit of being a serious upgrade to the earbuds that came with your personal audio player. The IE-10 delivers better bass response and higher input sensitivity for more sound than anything else in its price range. The included universal fit kit insures optimal comfort and fit, and pro-style ear loops wrap over and behind the ear to keep cables out of the way, relieve cable tension and help keep the earphones in place for a perfect fit. The detachable 46" cable is even replaceable to extend the life of your investment.


stage-proven Ultimate Ears technology
ultra-lightweight polycarbonate housing
26dB of isolation from outside noise
pro-style ear loops for secure fit
universal fit kit with silicone and foam tips for custom fit and maximum isolation
detachable/replaceable 46" cable
gold-plated 1/8" input connector
custom soft travel case

Proven Ultimate Ears Technology
M-Audio professional reference earphones incorporate acclaimed Ultimate Ears technology—the same industry standard that has revolutionized live performance monitoring. Many of today's best-known touring artists and the sound engineers that make their concerts sound great trust Ultimate Ears for the utmost in comfort, accuracy and reliability. See who's using Ultimate Ears technology.

Monitor Anywhere
M-Audio is synonymous with the mobile recording and production revolution. Now M-Audio IE professional reference earphones with Ultimate Ears technology give you high-definition monitoring on the go without lugging bulky, delicate headphones. They're perfect companions for any mobile studio—like a Pro Tools M-Powered laptop with Transit or other M-Audio interface. They're also ideal for field recording with compact units like the popular M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96. On stage, you can say goodbye to cumbersome monitors and feedback. And you can even use them to pimp your personal MP3 player for critical listening on the go.

Precision-Balanced Armature Drivers
All IE professional reference earphones employ advanced, precision-balanced armature drivers—the same technology used in premium custom earphones—to deliver high efficiency, extended high frequencies and superb natural bass. Armature drivers are also significantly smaller and more accurate than comparable dynamic drivers, which is part of the reason why IE professional reference monitors are so compact.

Universal Fit Kit for Superior Isolation and Comfort
Superior sound isolation (26dB) minimizes outside sound to deliver a purer listening experience—eliminating the need for a bulky pair of noise-canceling headphones. This also helps protect your ears because you don't have to crank up the volume to hear the detail in your music. All IE models include our universal fit kit to ensure optimal isolation and comfort for hours of high-quality listening pleasure. It includes an assortment of ear tips in different sizes and materials for a personalized fit for your ears.

Professional Ear Loops
The hanging cables in traditional designs can catch on nearby objects and cause the earpieces to loosen or pop out altogether. All IE models feature professional-style loops that hook over and behind the ear to minimize that problem. And if your 46" detachable cable ever does become damaged, simply replace it instead of your earphones.