M-Audio IE-40 Professional Reference Earphones

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M-Audio IE-40 Professional Reference Earphones

M-Audio IE-40 reference earphones employ patented Ultimate Ears technology to deliver an unparalleled personal listening experience—like carrying studio-grade reference monitors with you wherever you go. With the same triple-driver architecture, dual-bore design and sonic signature as Ultimate Ears' renowned custom monitors, the IE-40s provide a premium solution that fits any ear. The earphones operate like professional three-way monitors by splitting the frequency range across three drivers, which allows them to reproduce highs, mids and lows with pristine accuracy and superb balance. And with 26dB sound isolation, the IE-40s transform any location into an ideal monitoring environment—whether you're on stage, in the studio or traveling through a noisy public space.


stage-proven Ultimate Ears technology
triple-armature driver design for separate high-, mid- and low-frequency reproduction
patented dual-bore technology delivers highs and lows via separate canals for maximum sound field
integrated passive crossover network directs sound frequencies to the appropriate speakers
26dB isolation from outside noise
professional ear loops for a secure fit
universal fit kit with silicone and foam tips for custom fit and maximum isolation
user-serviceable 46" cable
gold-plated 1/8" input connector with ¼" adapter
sleek styling with dark-chrome finish
custom metal carrying case
flexible attenuator/limiter for overload protection

Proven Ultimate Ears Technology
M-Audio professional reference earphones incorporate acclaimed Ultimate Ears technology—the same industry standard that has revolutionized live performance monitoring. Many of today's best-known touring artists and their sound engineers trust Ultimate Ears for the utmost in comfort, accuracy and reliability.

Three Precision-Balanced Armature Drivers with Crossover Network
The rich, full-spectrum sound of the IE-40 reference earphones owes much to the use of three separate high-definition, precision-balanced armature drivers for high, mid and low frequencies. Armature drivers—the same technology used in Ultimate Ears' premium custom earphones—deliver high efficiency, extended high frequencies, clear, precise mid-tones and superb natural bass. In addition, they are significantly smaller and more accurate than comparable dynamic drivers. The IE-40 audio crossover network routes each frequency of your music to the driver that can best reproduce it—exactly the same principle used in the finest studio monitor design.

Patented Dual-Bore Design
Ultimate Ears' proprietary dual-bore design delivers a wider sound stage through separate acoustic canals for high and low channels, allowing the sound to be mixed naturally in your ear. In contrast, multi-driver, single-bore designs mix the highs and lows inside the earphone, which narrows the sound, creates audible turbulence and ultimately lowers the fidelity of your music.

Monitor Anywhere
M-Audio is synonymous with the mobile recording and production revolution. Now M-Audio IE professional reference earphones with Ultimate Ears technology give you high-definition monitoring on the go. They're the perfect companions for any mobile studio—like a Pro Tools M-Powered™ laptop with Transit™ or other M-Audio interface. They're also ideal for field recording with compact units like the popular M-Audio MicroTrack™ recorder. On stage, you can say goodbye to cumbersome monitors and feedback. And you can even use them to upgrade your personal MP3 player for listening on the go.

Exceptional Frequency Response
Without great frequency response specs, you're missing most of your music. The IE-40 earphones deliver an amazing 20Hz-16kHz frequency response, allowing you hear all of your music—from soaring highs to tight, deep bass.

Superior Isolation and Comfort
The IE-40 earphones boast 26dB of sound isolation. This greatly diminishes outside noise to deliver a purer listening experience—without the loss of sonic detail that occurs with noise-cancellation technology. The isolation also helps protect your ears because all the nuances of your music are apparent at low volumes. The included universal fit kit allows you to customize the fit, ensuring optimal isolation and comfort for hours of listening.

Professional Ear Loops
The hanging cables in traditional designs can catch on nearby objects and cause the earpieces to loosen or pop out altogether. All IE models feature professional loops that comfortably hook cables over and behind the ear to minimize that problem. And if your 46" detachable cable ever does become damaged, simply replace it instead of your earphones.

Included Attenuator/Limiter
The IE-40 earphones include a flexible attenua-tor/limiter that conditions the output from high-volume sources to a comfortable listening level. This is especially useful when enjoying music and movies on airplanes—the adapter's limiting function also spares your ears during loud in-flight announcements.