Motorola H12 Universal Bluetooth Headset

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Motorola H12 Universal Bluetooth Headset

The MOTOPURE™ H12 excels in both precision sound and pure design. See, feel and hear the difference. Design perfection - the ultimate in style, comfort and convenience.

Hear the Difference
The first headset to feature CrystalTalk™, the new MOTOPURE™ H12 is the future of audio technology, delivering maximum audio performance in even the noisiest of environments. CrystalTalk™ with dual microphones has been designed to cancel background noise, enhance your voice and channel pure, clear audio directly into your ear. Silence the noise and let your voice be heard.

Diamond cut metal, high gloss black top, spun metal accents, plus a soft touch back help deliver a discreet yet stunning headset. MOTOPURE™ H12 comes with matching desktop charger, charging case and carrying solution. A complete solution for you to carry, protect, and charge in style.

Easy to Set up and Keep Talking
Motorola EasyPair technology simplifies the initial connection to the phone. Dedicated power button means being certain when the headset is on. LED shines green, yellow, or red in a quick battery check, letting you know how much talk time remains.

What you get in the box:

* MOTOPURE™ H12 Universal Bluetooth Headset
* Travel Charger
* Charging Case
* Deskstand
* Ear Cushions
* Shirt Clip
* Quick Start Guide

Range: 10 m (33 ft)
CrystalTalk™ Technology: Yes
Compatible Model: MOTO U9,V750,RAZR2 V8 LUX,RAZR2 V9,MOTOROKR E8,RAZR2 V9m,RAZR V3e,RAZR V3a,ROKR Z6m,ic902,MOTO Q9e,RAZR2 V8,MOTO Z6c,MOTO Z9,W510,ROKR Z6,MOTO Q9c,W490,V325i,Maxx Ve,RAZR 2,RIZR Z3,RAZR V3xx,MOTO Q9m,RIZR Z6tv,MOTO Q9h,L6,V323i,MOTO Q9,W755,Sidekick Slide,V535,E550,V197,V545,V550,W385,PEBL,A630,SLVR L7c,V557,RAZR V3t,V551,E816,V365,i870,i605,V195,KRZR,V710,V361,i880,E815,i920,ROKR E1,RAZR V3r,V323,V360,i580,SLVR L7,MOTO Q,RAZR V3C,RAZR V3,RAZR V3i,RAZR V3m,KRZR K1m