Panasonic RP-HC30-K Headphones

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Panasonic RP-HC30-K Headphones

Noise Reducing Earbud Headphones with Built-In Monitor Switch for Surround Sound, Clothing Clip, 50 Hour Battery Life and Compact Carrying Pouch

Drive Unit (diam. in mm): 10.7
Impedance (ohm/1kHz): 39(on)/15(off)
Max. Input (mW): 50
Frequency Response (Hz-kHz): 8-22
Cord Length (ft./m): 4.6/1.4
Plug Adaptor (6.3mm in diam.): Yes
Magnet Type: Neodymium
Carrying Case: Yes
Reduces Background Noise: Yes
Color: Black
Surround Sound Control: Yes (Built-In Monitor Switch)
Battery Life: Up to 50 Hours
Noise Canceling: Yes (reduces background noise)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 6.4'' x 3.9'' x 1.3''