Pioneer SE-DIR800C Wireless Headphones

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Pioneer SE-DIR800C Wireless Headphones

Don't let a sleeping family keep you from your new action adventure movie, DTS® 5.1 concert, or your on-line video game tournament complete with Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround! Go ahead and experience all the 3 dimensional surround sound your heart desires!

Dolby Headphone™ technology produces up to five virtual loudspeakers in your head via conventional stereo headphones by creating a unique sum of direct and reflected sound from each channel of 5.1 audio. As a result, the listening sensation is much more natural with sounds appearing to be outside of your head; just like a conventional 5.1 speaker system would sound.

Key Features

* Wireless IR Transmission of up to 26ft. / 8m Range
* Dolby® Digital 5.1, DTS® 5.1, and Dolby Pro-Logic II Decoding
* 4 Mode Dolby Headphone Processing
- Multi-channel source DH Mode for 5.1 encoded Dolby Digital or DTS surround tracks.
- Dolby Pro-Logic II DH Mode for stereo sources with Dolby Pro-Logic II decoding for surround sound.
- Stereo Source DH Mode for stereo sources, without Dolby Pro-Logic II decoding.
- Dolby Headphone Mode OFF for regular headphone playback
* 3 Room Type Effect Presets
- DH1 - Mixing room with very little reverberation
- DH2 - Ordinary Listening Room with moderate reverb. (default)
- DH3 - Small Movie Theater
* Self Adjusting Headset
* Wired Headphone Input with volume control
* 2 Way stand - Vertical or Horizontal mounting options
- Input attenuator
- Rechargeable AA Batteries and Re-charger
- 3 Inputs
+ Optical Digital
+ Coaxial Digital – Cable supplied
+ Analog Line In


* Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Pro-Logic II Decoding
* Frequency response - 12Hz – 22kHz
* Distortion – 1% or less (1kHz)

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